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Carers Leave

Carer’s leave allows employees to take temporary unpaid leave from employment for the purpose of providing full-time care and attention to a person requiring it. Employees with 1 year’s continuous service may be entitled to leave from employment to care for a relevant person for a period of up to 104 weeks. The employer has the right to refuse requests for periods of less than 13 weeks.
The company should receive the written decision of a Deciding Officer of the Department of Social Community and Family Affairs before approving a period of carer’s leave. This written decision must deem the person for whom the employee has applied for carer’s leave, to be relevant person in need of full-time care and attention. 
The employee must provide the company with a minimum of 6 weeks notice when requesting a period of carer’s leave (this may be waived in exceptional/emergency circumstances) The company will prepare a confirmation document, which must be signed by the employee, ideally 2 weeks before the commencement date.
All employees rights are protected while an employee is on carer’s leave, except the right to remuneration. An employee maintains the right to annual leave and public holiday's entitlements solely for the first 13 weeks from the date of commencement of carer’s leave.
Employees have to inform the company four weeks before the end of the carer's leave that they intend to return to employment on the due back date. The company must facilitate employees to return to their normal job as far as is reasonably practical.

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