Opening the Application

The software itself should always be opened from your local drive. To check this:


1) Right click on your Thesaurus Accounts icon on your desktop

2) Select Properties

3) The Target should read “C:\ThesaurusAccountsBureau\thesaurusaccounts.exe”


Location of your Company Files

When you double click on the Thesaurus Accounts icon, the application is opening from your local drive, as per above.

You now have the option to instruct the program where to open the actual company files from - this should always be a different location from that of the software as per above.
To locate the company files:

1) select the relevant drive from the drop down list of drives. The drive you have selected will now appear under “Drive” as well as under “Directory”.

2) Within the “Directory” box all the folders on the drive selected will be listed. Double click on the Thesaurus Accounts folder that has been set up for the company data files.

3) Enter the "User Name" for this particular PC.

4) Click “OK”.
The application is now opened from your local drive and is directed to open all company files from the location specified, as above.  Any company file which you now open, set up and then close will all reside in this location.
Within Thesaurus Accounts, you may then select the company you wish to open from the list of companies available under 'File> Open Company'.
Once you have opened a company, when you then go to close this company the company file will automatically close to the location from which it was opened.

Please note: If you get a message to say that the company cannot be closed, there is then a problem with the PC connection to the server - this must be remedied before you can close the company and exit the program.  If you simply shut down your machine without closing the company at any point, then corruptions will occur within the program and the company data files.
It is always possible to take a back up of the company data before exiting the company, if there are any issues with closing the company - simply go to 'File > Backup Company'.

Need help? Support is available at 01 8352074 or thesauruspayrollsupport@brightsg.com.

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