CSV Import

Sales Invoice CSV file spec and notes:

Mandatory items
Date (dd/mm/yyyy)
Invoice Ref (Alphanumeric max 20 characters)
Customer name
Gross Amount (Gross used instead of Net to avoid rounding issues)
VAT % Rate
Optional items
Nominal ledger account
Internal Comment (max 50 characters)
Sample Line from file (containing mandatory items only)
15/11/2021,a1122,Sample Company Limited,1210,13.5
Sample Line from file (containing mandatory and optional items)
15/11/2021,a1122,Sample Company Limited,1210,13.5,Widgets,Will buy loads more

1.    Carriage return or end of file taken to indicate end of line

2.    Software will examine file initially and if there are any customers unmatched, it will report on customers not matched. Matching is based on exact name (not case sensitive). Automatic setup of unmatched customers will NOT take place. Names not matching may simply be due to different spelling. User will need to manually change within the Thesaurus Accounts program. Also any new customers will need to be setup within Thesaurus Accounts. If all customers match, import will proceed to next stage.

3.    If nominal ledger accounts are included within csv file, the software will see if all these accounts can be matched with those setup within Thesaurus Accounts. Again user intervention will be required in respect of accounts not matched. If all accounts match, import will proceed.

4.    An invoice containing multiple VAT rates will need to be split out in the csv file e.g. an invoice containing items at 13.5% and 0% will need to be included as 2 lines within the csv file. The identical dates, customer names, Invoice refs and the subsequent position within the file will indicate to Thesaurus Accounts that they are to be combined on customer statements.

5.    If optional nominal ledger accounts are not included within csv file, then the default nominal ledger accounts at particular VAT rates will apply (i.e. the first sales heading under each VAT rate).


Need help? Support is available at 01 8352074 or thesauruspayrollsupport@brightsg.com.

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